Early Treatment

When should treatment begin?

Early detection can prevent problems later. That’s why we recommend an early orthodontic examination at age 7 when both permanent and baby teeth are present to detect problems early, and help ensure maximum dental and facial development for your child.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t always have to wait for all permanent teeth to “come in” to solve orthodontic problems. (In fact, some treatment options are actually lost if you do.) If teeth are becoming crowded, we can, in many cases, start making room in the mouth for new, “up-and-coming” teeth while the jaw is still growing. This can prevent or greatly minimize the need for removal of permanent teeth in the years to come, while maximizing the development of a beautiful face and a confident smile.

Do all children need braces? What is the ideal time for treatment?

Not everyone needs braces, and not always at age seven or eight. An early examination shows if treatment is needed. We believe strongly in ideal treatment timing to prevent the removal of permanent teeth whenever possible. The ideal time to start treatment ranges from 7 to 13 years and older, depending on the severity of the problem, rate of tooth eruption, skeletal growth and facial type.