Orthodontic Treatments

What orthodontic services do you offer?

Brieden & Miller Orthodontics provides a wide range of treatment options. Traditional silver and gold braces with available designer color ties or the newer self-ligating braces that do not require ties at all. Self-ligating Clear Braces (porcelain) do not stain as they did in the past so you can drink coffee, tea, and eat marinara sauce and mustard without worry. We also offer Invisalign® and Invisalign Teen removable aligners for almost invisible treatment that can better fit your active lifestyle.

Do you offer adult orthodontics?

Yes! The technology is here, and the time is right. Whether you need treatment to correct a life-long problem, or whether you have developed dental problems as an adult, we provide a wide range of treatment options including Invisalign®. In either case, adults who opt for orthodontics are making a choice for good dental health.

Remember, a bad bite – imperfect tooth and jaw relationships – puts your future oral function at risk. When teeth and jaws are misaligned, enamel, soft tissue and jaw joints are subject to substantial wear and tear. Over time, this means tooth loss, periodontal problems, or jaw dysfunction (TMJ problems). Many adults have orthodontics as part of a comprehensive strategy to replace missing teeth or to increase the longevity of their natural teeth.